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Applaudable is a new social platform facilitating awareness, recognition, and sharing of specific experiences that users appreciate.

We distribute these experiences in a way that can be repeated.
Our Philosophy
Our lives are a collection of experiences. In turn, these experiences influence and shape our lives. The net aggregate of our experiences and how they’ve affected us make up who we are in this world. Who we are and the experiences we are having currently, dictate how we feel and behave.
We believe that the experiences that shape us are partly arbitrary: When and where we were born. Our families and our environments. Our health and biology. And many others.
Further, even more of our experiences go unrecognized for the role they play in our lives. We don’t think about or appreciate them - instead we often experience them unconsciously.
Without awareness and appreciation of what shapes our lives, and what affects how we feel, we are having a proportionately limited experience of life. We believe we can be much more conscious and deliberate.
It started decades ago…
I had a rather unusual curiosity about people from a young age. I remember wondering who strangers were, where they’ve been, what they did, had, etc.
Over time, this curiosity matured a bit. I’d wonder how people could end up in such different places, and with such vastness in their quality of life from others with similar starting points. I became fascinated with what affected this, and how much we were even aware of as it was happening. How much was deliberate?
I learned a lot from developing the original vision of Moro, which focused on understanding the impact our physical surroundings have on how we feel and the standard to which environments inform how we live our lives. We focused on curating photos of great interiors and using them to inspire and inform improvements in the spaces of others. More than just developing a perspective on the significance of environments, often in ways not recognized consciously, we began to also understand why people shared personal experiences (which initially were limited to photos of their homes) publicly, and the impact of those experiences on others. The idea that we could share something from our own lives in a way that could improve somebody else’s was exciting, and obviously, its potential wasn’t limited to photos of people’s homes. This is how Applaudable was conceived.
Andrew Christodoulides
Purpose /
Four Pillars
Is the conscious understanding of all we experience and the significance of each experience relative to our interests and aspirations. It's how we can begin to understand who we are and why, all that we already have, how we can further experience life in all aspects more fully, and the basis from which we can choose how to live.
Is valuing the senses our experiences awaken, emotions they evoke, and the impact they have in shaping our lives.
Is the deliberateness of the experiences we choose. Understanding that our lives are the sum of our experiences, intention is the conscious selection of those experiences.
Is the significance of our experiences. It's the way in which experiences contribute to who we are and the overall shape and quality of our lives. At the same time, who we are and the significance of our individual experiences send ripple effects, informing and influencing the lives of others.
Improve awareness, appreciation, and deliberateness of the experiences
that make up our lives.
To inspire and inform
the best of you.

Brand Values